Marguerite David, MSW -
Transition Coaching
Are you in the middle of a transition? Are you experiencing job change or loss, relationship change, children leaving home, retirement, health change, geographic move or other transition?  Personal coaching can be very helpful in times of transition. 
Life Coaching for Personal Happiness
Would you like to be happier?  Experience more joy and satisfaction?  Have greater peace and well being?  As a life coach I am committed to YOU having the tools you need to clear areas where you are stuck, identify options, and make choices that support your happiness and well being.  In personal coaching sessions we will clarify what you want and create a personal plan that will support you living the life you want.  Affordable appointments available in person and via phone.
Aging Issues
Are you facing having to make decisions for your parents?  I can work with you to make a plan that honors your parents and provides for their physical, mental and emotional well being.  Or maybe there are issues you are personally facing.  Are you dealing with a medical issue? What is your best housing option?  How can you increase your personal support system? As we age, we have many medical, financial, emotional and practical decisions to make.  You don’t have to find the answers alone.
Pet Loss Support
Loosing the unconditional love that your friend gave so freely can be one of our most difficult losses.  You do not have to grieve alone.  This is a caring, supportive environment where your feelings will be honored. Individual appointments in person and via telephone are available.  

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